The tripods are designed to control the movement of people in supervised areas. The inferior tourniquet have vocation to work with the system of controls access.

Technicals characteristics:

– The tourniquet is made of polished stainless steel or painted steel, spraying;

– Access to the internal system of tourniquet is secured by a key closing;

– Attachment to the ground by anchor rod;

– The mechanism allows bidirectional control of movement of persons is in both directions or in a chosen direction;

– LED pictograms indicate if the turnstile is locked or unlocked;

– A red cross means that the tourniquet is closed, a green arrow indicates that the tourniquet is open;

– The movement of electromechanical power tourniquet allows a fluid circulation and supports the self-locking system tourniquets;

–  The control system can work with the systems access control and recording of time systems of work.


  • Companies
  • Sports centers, theme parks
  • Exhibition centers, museums


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