Rigid welded wire mesh fence panels

Welded panels with several layers for enhanced rigidity. Its specific profile it easy to install.

The barbs of the panel can be disposed in the upper or lower part.

It fits perfectly with posts Ritmo through slots provided for this purpose.

It is easily installed because the installation does not require any accessories or media.

Technical specifications

– The panels are made whit galvanized wire, the meshes are welded and laminat for durability.

– Lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install (without accessories), this is a product that fits all types of uses and environments.

– The barbs can be placed either in the upper part of the panel to prevent intrusions or in the lower part to prevent the passage of animals.

– The possibility of installation on flat or sloping ground, wall or on existing pavement.

– Choice of finish: green, white or other on request. Held stock in green, white and black.

Railed steel fences

Technical specifications


  • Posts steel sheet 60 x 2 mm diameter and 60 x 3 mm diameter, according to the height.
  • Polypropylene cap weather resistant.


  • Railing in sections 40 x 40 x 1.5 (horizontal) and 30 x 30 x 1.5 (vertical), with Electrowelded mesh 300 x 50, with a diameter of 5 mm for the vertical wire, and a diameter of 6 mm the horizontal wire.
  • Easy installation without welding.

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