Standy Medium ATIMATIC ®

Why choose a self supporting gate?


  •  Civil engineering limited: the massive concrete is only provided for the posts and the engine block.
  •  Fits easily on an existing site, Few interventions on the asphalt.
  •  Freedom of movement during work.

Ease of use

  •  No floor track
  •  Passage perfectly clear
  •  No risk of stumbling for walker
  •  No jolt to vehicle
  •  Use whatever conditions


  • 2 opening direction of the leaf to the left or right
  • Manual or motorized version


• Complies with European standard EN 13241-1


The LED technology allows variety design and dependable which inspire us for our Portal.

The LED is a electrik composant allows the transformation of electricity into light


  • Ecologik: : recycable product and less impact for the environment
  • Less consommation: 8-10 times lower than a bulb
  • Time of life more important
  • Instant ignition: power of light is 100%

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