The Overhead garage doors DOOR’MATIC : During the utilisation, the deck does not extend to the outside.

Complies with the European Standard EN 13241-1

►ESTHETICS: vertical ribbing, or  diffrent variations on study | Panel in galvanized steel painted white (RAL 9016) | Anti Corrosive treatment  | Different Types of ventilation | optional wood esthetic

► COMFORT: Easy operation (guide rails) | electronic remote or integrated into the battery depending on configuration

► SAFETY: Balancing ensured by counter protected by a sheet to avoid crushing | unlocking system | Lamp lighting zone


– Personalization, colors (all RAL).

– Harmonized service door

– Manual or motorized door

– Custom Designs


The LED technology allows modern and reliable design that inspires us for our DOOR’MATIC

Definition: an Light Emitting Diode Bulb (LED) is an electrical component that transforms electricity into light.

Advantages of LED lighting: 

  • Ecologic: recycable product and does not contain mercury or polluting gases. The environment impact of LED is much lower that of incandescent lamps (up to -75%).
  • Lower consommation: Led’s consommation is on average  8 to 10 times lower than a conventional bulb.
  • Importante lifetime: 25 to 50 times more than conventional bulbphoto_led2
  • Instantaneous lighting: the lighting power is to 100% from lighting.
  • Not heat
  • Good energy efficiency: an LED lamp of more than 8900 lumens consumes between 9 to 12 watts compared to an incandescent lamp that consumes 60 watts.







                                                              Portail_Battant_180 Portail_Battant_169 Portail_Battant_171

Portail_Battant_172 Portail_Battant_173 Portail_Battant_174 Portail_Battant_175 Portail_Battant_176

Portail_Battant_177 Portail_Battant_178 Portail_Battant_179 Portail_Battant_180 Portail_Battant_181 photo site vitrine photo site vitrine Atimatic_954 Atimatic_973 Atimatic_938 Atimatic_940 Atimatic_941

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