The sectional garage doors SECTIOMATIC:  

Conforms to European Standard EN 13241-1

► AESTHETIC: Metal: horizontal ribs, cassette, or diffrent variations of panel after the study | Galvanized steel painted white (RAL 9016) | Treatement anticorrosion | Different models of hublons | Optional in wood

► COMFORT: Easy operation, the sections slide towards the rear under the ceiling | Isolation in with polyurethane foam

► SAFETY: Unlocking system | Lamp Lighting Area | Profile finger protection inside and outside | Certificate of Conformity with European Standards EN 13421-1, for the safety of the users | Balancing progressive with torsion springs


– Personalization, colors (all RAL).

– Service Door harmonized

– Door motorized or manual

– Custom Apron

– Wicket integrates


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