Biometrics, the access control of the future!

Your fingerprint becomes the most safest key!


The use of the word “biometrics” refers more to the use of techniques for recognition and identification of individuals based on their biological caractériqtiques, as fingerprints.

Biometric identification can be made by:

  •      The fingerprint reduced (EDR)
  •      The morphology of the hand
  •      3D facial recognition


  •      Clinics, hospitals, laboratories
  •      Banks, jewelry stores, business centers, offices
  •      Industries

Controls biometric systems are more reliable and safer than traditional systems. Benefits of this technology:

  •      The identification of the footprint is less than a second!
  •      The error rate is about zero!
  •      More management of badges, cards, transmitters, codes …
  •      The risk of loss, theft, neglect, assignment become nonexistent!


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