Our control systems, the transmitter

We offer a range of transmitters 2 to 4 channels with an innovative design

The range of the transmitters TOGO 433.92 Mhz is available in four versions:

  •      source version variable
  •      source version serialized variable for the management of transmitters in large numbers with the programmer ADVANTAGE
  •      version with programmable code
  •      version with integrated transponder

The ADVANTAGE programming system allows to create a database on the computer for each receiver managed and associated with a site and for each transmitter registered in the receiver. We affiliate the issuer with the name of the owner, tenant or employee.

First we record the previously mentioned elements and then a technician goes to the site to activate the system.

In case of loss or theft of a transmitter, it will be necessary to erase the transmitter from the receiver’s memory. In case of failure or damage of the receiver, it will be possible to reload the database in a new receiver without having to resume all the transmitters.

It is possible to protect the receiver with a personal access code to prevent unwanted memorization.

Early storage of “reserve” transmitters will enable us to provide new remote controls without delay.


apercut-advantage copie


ADVANTAGE database is used to manage and maintain a register of installations by making immediate search for information about the installation or the end user

 The database offers many advantages:

  •      opportunity to immediately delete or disable a transmitter lost or stolen
  •      ability to program the transmitters “reserve” for the replenishment
  •      print a listing with the names of users



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